"10 Deadly Lead Magnet Mistakes That Are Costing You Leads"

'And How to Fix Them'

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From Lead Machine Growth Show Host, Paul Guyon

As a business owner or marketer, generating leads is essential for your success. One way to capture leads is through lead magnets, which are valuable resources offered in exchange for contact information.

Despite its popularity, creating a successful lead magnet can be challenging. Many businesses fail to see the desired results. This report highlights the ten most common and deadly mistakes business owners make when creating lead magnets.

By learning how to avoid these mistakes, you can create a lead magnet that attracts more leads and converts them into paying customers.

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Providing too much information has the opposite effect.
The fear of giving away the store and what to do about it.
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What Others Say

Made Implementation Easier

"I love how Paul explained every techy detail and taught us tools that we never heard of . . . just to make our implementation easier. I feel more confident that I can help my ideal client by solving their top of mind problems."

Wendy Coon

Director of Research and Development at Melissa Myers Group

Paid Attention to Our Unique Situations

"Paul breaks the process down into manageable details, so that you know how to create a freebie that is attractive to your potential clients, no matter what your business is. Even better, he walks you through the technology and what you need to have in place, so that it isn’t too overwhelming. I especially appreciated Paul’s attention to our specific situations and the products/services we offer. Even better, Paul’s friendly guidance made the process fun!"

Kristin Maxwell

Mindset Coach

I Feel Equipped

"After completing Paul’s program, I feel equipped to; 1. Do my own marketing using the resources, tips, and step by step process Paul outlines in his program. 2. Create and design focused, meaningful messages and offers based on my identified target audience, and 3. Create a more effective customer experience that motivates them to take action and allows me to nurture a relationship with them."

Felicia Alston

My Crafty Table

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